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Companies are members of society and as such are supported by various stakeholders, such as customers, local communities, local government, shareholders and employees. As such, Brunei Methanol Company Sdn. Bhd. (BMC) continues to relentlessly strive towards furthering the trust and support of its  stakeholders and its surrounding communities. Towards this end, BMC has adopted the 3P philosophy of giving equal attention to matters relating to its Plant, its People and its Procedure.

Under its 3P philosophy, BMC hope to address and satisfy the myriad of stakeholder issues pertaining to corporate working culture and employee work safety; Plant reliability, productivity and safety; compliance and adherence to international standards and industry best practices; competitiveness and efficiency; as well as the environment.

In the areas of community affairs, BMC is committed to proactively addressing its social and environmental responsibilities. This started with the holding of several stakeholder meetings and dialogues with local residents throughout the 3 years construction period of the methanol plant; hosting community gatherings during festive season; as well as providing sponsorship and support to local prayer mosque/surau.   
Support to local schools within the Liang-Lumut locality was also extended by providing assistance to student projects relating to the generating of renewable energy.

Recently, BMC, with funding support from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan, and the Sungai Liang Authority, has embarked on a major community project with the refurbishment and beautification of the recreational beach in the Sungai Liang area. Under this project, facilities for sporting and family recreational activities were provided; and with the refurbishment of the existing food stalls, it is hoped that the socio-economic activities of the local residence in the area would be re-invigorated.