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The methanol produced is expected for export to markets in North East Asia, South East Asia, as well as markets as far as India and the United States. To facilitate methanol export, the BEDB provides the Methanol Export facilities, for a period of 22 years, under a commercial Lease Agreement.

The MEF System consists of a Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM) located directly underneath the floating buoy in approximately 25m water depth on the seabed. The SPM system is connected to the onshore facilities. The offshore pipeline is approximately 13.4km in length and the onshore pipeline is approximately 0.6km in length.

BMC’s product will be pumped through the onshore and offshore pipeline to the PLEM. From there, the product will pass through a system of under buoy hoses, to the mooring buoy and finally into the tanker through a series of floating hoses.